Being Mindful of The Chesapeake Bay Preservation Act

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Enjoy the sunset along a healthier James River

Working Together to Save the Bay…

Did you know that local governments have the primary responsibility for managing land uses and development?

The Chesapeake Bay Preservation Act focuses on assisting Tidewater localities to preserve the water quality through land use decisions. To implement the program, the Act established a nine-member citizen board called the Chesapeake Bay Local Assistance Board. Board members represent various stakeholder interests – such as business, agriculture, land development, local government, and environmental protection – as well as different geographic regions within Tidewater Virginia.

Regardless of where you may fall on the CBPA environmental pro/con spectrum, you can learn more about compliance and the 84 localities (CBLA) in Tidewater Virginia by clicking here.  CBLA staff may also be reached by calling (800) 243-7229 or (804) 225-3440.



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