How Long Can You Count On A Dock Lasting?

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Docks are a very real investment, so proceed wisely

In short, it depends on the dock… 

Just as with a house, the duration of a dock should be factored upon who engineered the structure and the quality with which it was built (e.g. materials + construction).

Also of major concern can be nature itself — sun, saltwater, storms and/or marine organisms.  All take their toll over time, impacting the structure’s safe lifespan.

A suggested replacement cycle may be at 25 years, plus or minus. This is a rule of thumb, one that’s highly subject to the quality of engineering, construction and the adverse impact of nature.

Before ever moving forward with a property that has a dock or building it anew (@ area av. $110/board ft, as of 04/2013), I definitely recommend having the entire structure thoroughly inspected by a knowledgeable marine contractor.

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