Sell Or Stay? Conquering The Uncertainty

Market Statistics & Trends May Address Our Questions…

A home purchase can represent our biggest investment — and its present dollar value can greatly impact our overall sense of financial well-being.   When values are up, we’re hopeful.  When they’re down, we’re disappointed and may even put our plans on hold… indefinitely.

We may want to sell and make a move, but deep down there may be a nervousness about actually putting our home on the market.

Will it sell, for what I need to move forward?  Is it the right time?  Are prices trending up or down?

I can understand and appreciate how that sense of uncertainty feels to someone who’s thinking about moving.  How can we stay on top of what’s going on in our local marketplace, when real estate prices seem to be an ever-moving target?  Appraisals reflect where real estate prices may have been in the recent past, but it may not reflect where the market is headed.

Not unlike the stock market, today’s real estate prices are more fluid — they can go up, down or sideways.  Because of this fairly new dynamic in pricing, it’s wise to stay on top of buying and selling trends in your local real estate market.

How can one can easily make sense of it all?  Give me your hand, as we dive into key numbers that reflect where our market has been — and more importantly, where it may be heading.

As you grow in your market knowledge, you’ll find a greater confidence and comfort level when selling your home.  Remember, I’m always here to help you every step along the way.

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