Understanding What’s Truly Important To You

Know What You Want… But Unsure How To Get There?

“Most of all, my wife wants our river house to have a great view.  And, the James River, that’s her absolute favorite!”  Howard’s dream of having a getaway home had become a family affair, all with the hopes of creating lasting memories along the water’s edge.  He wants to read and relax, while enjoying sunsets from his favorite chair.  His daughter loves the idea of entertaining fellow doctors she’s recruiting for hire.  For his wife, it’s all about savoring the joy of togetherness at the holidays, and for restful weekends in between.  Simply grilling and chilling with the people they love and care about, all while taking in a glorious view.

They’ve been looking off and on for a while, without success.  When he drove past my waterfront listings along Sandy Point Road that Monday morning, he picked up the phone right away to give me a call. (Very glad that he did!)

Sweeping sunset views of the James River

Sandy Point offers sweeping James River sunsets

Since then, I’ve shared insights about our current marketplace to help them be informed and educated buyers.  Howard and his wife toured those gorgeous waterfront properties with me on a sunny Saturday morning, to see firsthand whether or not either property may uniquely fit their wants, needs and waterfront vision.

You see, selecting the perfect property often comes down to connecting at an emotional level, as well as a financial one.  In less than a minute, you can sense when you’ve found ‘the one.’  It’s an unmistakable moment when you simply stand still, taking it all in and truly don’t want to leave.  (I call it ‘the linger.’)  Love at first sight so to speak, except it’s found when unexpectedly swooning over real estate.

That’s the fun and challenge of my work, because it’s an honor to help guide your dreams into reality.  Asking lots of questions is an essential part of this process, because it helps me understand your unique perspective — and that can ultimately help you save valuable time, reduce the stress and wisely achieve your goals.

Questions help me learn to see important things through your eyes.  How do you see yourself enjoying life?  Is it within a particular area or community?  How soon would you like to be there?  What are you truly comfortable with price-wise?  Do you prefer new construction or an existing home?  What are some key concerns that I should always bear in mind for you?

After all, we aren’t sold anything.  We actually choose to buy it.  If it’s not right – the price, condition, location, even the timing in our life – it’s not going to happen, or at least not right away.

Sometimes, moving forward can be as simple as doing a little homework to put together a workable game plan.   Other times, it may require adjusting expectations or perhaps even seeking a compromise in order to ultimately get where you want to go in life.  Inch by inch, it’s a cinch.  Yard by yard, it’s hard.

For Howard and his family, we’ve narrowed it down to selecting the very best waterfront properties that may uniquely fit their wants and needs.  Only then will I ever ask the most important question of all… “so, do you see yourself living here?”

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