It’s True, Houses Won’t Wait For People

The One That Got Away: A Cautionary Tale Of Opportunity Lost   

I felt a sense of disbelief when I heard Realtor Amy say those difficult words, “Tammy, I’m so sorry… the Laurel Point house just went under contract.”

Startled and profoundly disappointed, I couldn’t express an audible response.  After all, Tabb and I spent several years trying to find THE right one — and Laurel Point was it!

Thoughts rapidly flashed through my racing mind.  “How could this happen?  It’s June 2010, and you said no other buyers have even looked at the property since it was built in 2007… how in the world can it suddenly be under contract? Wait, is their contract solid?  Do you think it’ll close…?”

In a split second, it was over and done.  And it felt like my heart went kersplat.

I hadn’t followed my own professional advice: never fall in love with a house till you’ve lived in it for at least 30 days. That wonderful property would become a comfortable home for someone else.  My dream home didn’t wait for me or the loving visions I had gathered for it.

It’s been years since that fateful day, yet an important lesson remains:

  Opportunities are never lost.  Someone will gladly take the ones you miss.

You see, you aren’t the only one recognizing the opportunity in front of you, unfortunately. Someone else may be considering that terrific house for their new home, too. Their offer to purchase could be accepted, while you crunch the numbers yet again.  Been there, and it’s not fun. Perhaps learn from my costly mistake, as not to repeat it.

  No home is 100% perfect.
  No instance of timing is 100% ideal.

Should you act or take a pass this time?  It depends.  Honestly ask yourself, “if this house sells to someone else for $2,000 more than my offer, will I regret it?”  It’s your decision, your outcome.  Does it move you away from the life you desire, or toward it?”

In the end, few things are as powerful as a made up mind.

Carpe Diem, it’s your ‘next action’ moment,


Tammy Thrift, Realtor

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