Selecting Premier Waterfront Properties

Why Take The Time?  In Short, Your Money Matters…

Whether it’s for your primary residence, a long-awaited cottage for retirement life or even a fun ‘Chateau Relaxo‘ summer home, the decision to purchase waterfront property should be approached with eyes wide open.

A romantic water view can be awfully seductive, but it may not translate into a wise investment if the water depth is lackluster or its elevation is prone to flooding.  You want to own prime waterfront property, so don’t be mistaken or taken in unknowingly. A smart person is someone who learns from their mistakes.  A wise person learns from the mistakes of others.  Be wise, seek knowledge.

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I’ll seek out and preview prime properties for you!

A keen aspect of my work is seeking out and previewing the very best waterfront homes and homesites, selecting or listing only those properties this ‘River Girl‘ deems to be outstanding.  Clients count on me to be their eyes and ears, cultivating a portfolio of premier properties on their behalf.

Proper valuation is essential, so I’ll carefully apply my 12-point valuation metric (specially tailored for waterfront!) to help separate the good properties from the truly great ones.  I’ll ask the right questions, you can count on it.  Whether clients live near or are buying from afar, it’s a point of trust that we carefully upon.

Capturing and sharing detailed photos and videos helps me teach clients about the lifestyle benefits that each property uniquely offers.  I look to convey things that online listings often miss — or may even intentionally mask, such as the condition of a neighboring property!

By preparing fun and informative ‘care packages’ for my buyer clients, I share details about their prospective new home *and* its community.  It takes a bit more time and effort, but I believe it’s an important extra step to empower you to be a knowledgeable and confident buyer.

This unique approach helps me save you previous time.  When you travel to see a portfolio of properties, we’ll only focus on the very best selections.  As a result, you may even find yourself spending a little extra time relaxing and getting to know your wonderful new community firsthand!

Amazing, how it all begins with just a simple preview and an eye for listing and selecting only premier waterfront properties.  Call me today at 757.876.5328 to learn more.

It’s time to buy wisely my friends,


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