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Plank ceiling viewed from gallery on Dymer CreekNorthern Neck Parade of Homes by the BayThe Latest Design Ideas & Trends

If you’re into home design and decorating, it can be a lot of fun to check out a ‘Parade of Homes’ tour.  What’s that, you say?  Well, imagine easily seeing and comparing a showcase of beautiful houses over a weekend, and taking away great design ideas for your home!

Be sure to wear comfortable shoes, and pack a bottle of water — maybe even a picnic lunch!  Grab a favorite friend or loved one, and go make an enjoyable day of it.  Explore a local neighborhood, or perhaps check out that new community you may wish to move to one day!

Dream a little, if you will.

Detail of entry of DeRose Home in Irvington VADeRose Builders Home in Irvington VAInside scoop from this real estate professional?  I’ve found it can be one of THE best ways to shop for a home builder!

In this casual, no-pressure environment, take the time to chat with the builders, decorators, and landscape designers.  Ask good questions.  Compare.  It’s a terrific opportunity to gain a sense of whether or not they’re a good fit for you professionally, as well as stylistically.  Since finances matter to us all, you can get to know your numbers, too.  Don’t be afraid to ask what it costs to replicate those special features and little extras that you like best of all.  They should be able to share estimates and options with you.

And if you’re working with a Realtor, bring them along (and if not, call me — let’s go!).  I’ve found it’s an ideal time to take notes on your design preferences and to snap photos, if permitted.

Long Lane - a neo farmhouse built by Bragglandscape design plan for home on Dymer CreekAnother tip?  Be a lookie-loo!

Simply tell them you’re just there to ‘kick the tires,’ so to speak.  Quietly listen to what people are saying about that home inside and out, its workmanship, and overall appeal.  As my mother-in-law used to say, “little pictures have big ears.”  It’s quite remarkable what you may learn that way!  On a recent tour, that’s how I discovered ways that raised flowerbeds may help you maintain unobstructed views, and remain compliant with Virginia’s building code about porch railings!  Good stuff, learned through listening and asking questions.  Give it a try!

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