Best Sellers: Top 10 Shades of ‘Greige’

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Source: Houzz

Source: Houzz

During a recent parade of homes, I previewed a very nice property for sale.  The homeowner’s furnishings were attractively staged, to allow the features of the home to shine.  Its rooms had been artfully edited and de-cluttered; truly, it was a ‘market ready’ home.

Best of all, its interior walls were painted the color of money.  No, not green — they were greige!

Greige (Noun):  A color between grey and beige, closely akin to taupe.

Why does wall color make such a big difference for today’s home buyers?  Perhaps it’s a perception of quality, that your home feels fresh and contemporary!  Maybe it’s a sense of relief, because there’s less work to be done before their move-in day.  Either way, when a buyer’s objections are reduced, you can experience greater leverage as a home seller!

Combining the cool sophistication of grey tones within a neutral beige color palette, shades of greige are clearly on trend for designers and decorators.  Greige is also a calm, relaxing hue that’s desired by today’s home buyers, and it’s capturing their purchasing dollars.  It can help give savvy home sellers a winning edge, when buyers choose between comparable, well-priced homes!


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You want prospective buyers to imagine themselves living there, to easily see their ‘stuff’ looking terrific in each and every room.  To fall in love with your home, and be ‘all in’ emotionally.  It’s a key aspect to look for prior to negotiation time, because it can even impact your financial bottom lime.  Go greige, for a maximum return on your investment.

Whether you prefer a DIY approach or wish to hire a contractor, check out the top 10 best-selling shades of greige from Sherwin-Williams (below).  And if you’re cost-conscious like me, ask your local home improvement store to ‘color match’ contractor-grade paint and reap the savings!

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Think styled, staged — and SOLD!


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