Selling? Move The Odds Into Your Favor!

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Are you looking to sell your home faster — and for more money?  Move the odds into your favor, by letting your home be staged to sell!

Recently, I had the privilege of taking buyer clients to their second showing of a gracious waterfront home in Williamsburg.  Perched high above Queens Creek, the tranquil views from the great room and spacious deck were quite lovely.

Although the property’s owner had already removed all of their belongings and moved on, the home’s interior didn’t give off a vacant and cold feeling. In fact, it actually evoked a sense of warmth and comfort.

How could this be? The home had been professionally staged!

By taking the valuable step of staging their home, the seller had wisely helped potential buyers envision how the home actually lives.  They knew that vacant homes often stay on the market longer and sell for less money. Even by staging just a few key rooms, they greatly moved the odds of selling the home into their favor.  Rather than experiencing an echo-y space that’s devoid of personality, staging encouraged my buyers to be drawn in and to linger.  They readily began to imagine their own furnishings in that beautiful — and artfully staged — waterfront home.

In fact, the way a home is staged to sell can be very different than how its owners may have lived there day-to-day.  To help your home be better positioned to sell from the very start, consider:

Source: Staged 2 Sell

It’s highly beneficial to go with neutral paint colors and give careful consideration to furniture placement.  Edit down the number of furniture pieces to maximize spaciousness.  Rooms should be thoroughly cleaned and have a clear purpose (e.g. not a dining room/office/TV/toy storage area).   Take the time to box up all collections and remove any clutter, with jam-packed closets being included.  (Don’t want your buyers thinking there isn’t enough storage in your home!)  You’d be shocked at how quickly today’s discriminating buyers can begin deducting dollars from their offering price.  Many buyers simply walk away from clutter, taste-specific decor and unique paint color choices.  Don’t let it be your loss!

Would you like to reinvent your home?  Want to outshine the competition and motivate those prospective buyers to send offers sooner?  (After all, they won’t want to miss out on buying such a great property!)

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